Keep your workforce healthy and productive... On-Demand

TelerainMD is your trusted partner to provide your employees with access to medical care around the clock, saving you money and keeping your workforce healthy. Employees can connect with a physician via telephone or video for medical consultations whenever and wherever they need care.


Benefits of  Telemedicine to Employers:

  • Improves access to healthcare for employees in remote locations
  • Reduces employer costs related to employee doctor’s office and ER visits
  • Instant access to doctors cuts down on missed work time related to minor health issues
  • Helps prevent minor employee health issues from becoming costly conditions
  • Safeguards employers against the “Cadillac Tax” related to high health plan premiums

The American Medical Association notes that 70% of doctor’s visits can be handled by telephone. TelerainMD gives your employees easy, streamlined access to board certified doctors via phone, email or video call 24/7.

TelerainMD Care For Employers