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Expert Medical Advice

TelerainMD gives individuals and their family members unlimited access to consult with board certified physicians, psychologists, dietitians, and fitness experts who provide personal answers to all health-related questions, Individuals now have the ability to easily talk to a doctor online and get their questions answered and receive the confidential support they need to effectively execute critical health decisions, avoid unnecessary office visits, save time and money.

Every patient has a devoted Physician Case Administrator who summons a team of specialist doctors from amidst the foremost practitioners throughout the world. Patient can talk to a doctor online promptly. 

The Doctor Case Administrator is accessible on-demand to assist the patient and their family experiences the way of treatment, what to anticipate, and what are the possible consequences. A case is supposed to conclude once you will talk with a doctor and resolve all questions.

Once the patient talks to a doctor online and agree on a method, the Doctor representative supports to direct everything about the healthcare system and reducing the anxiety of the patient and their family.

Affordable membership gives you access to the nation’s top doctors who can treat anything from urgent health needs to ongoing primary care. Get Secure Phone and Video Unlimited Medical Consultations with our all plans.

For Seasoned Medical Advice, Use The Online Medical Consultation Services of TelerainMD

At TelerainMD, we understand that medical criticality in the family can cause great distress. That is why we facilitate our loyal customers with online medical consultation services. You can  talk to a qualified doctors who will:

– Understand the issue;

– Explain and resolve your queries;

– Will advise the way forward;

– The team will guide you on the next steps in the process so that the medication and the treatment of the patient can start immediately.

A medical emergency can be stressful. When a near one falls sick, the first thought is to reach out to the right and the best doctor available for optimized treatment. You receive so much advice from all sides – relatives, friends, and family – it is quite natural to be perplexed on what to do next. We try to address these doubts and confusion through our consultation services in the virtual medium.

TelerainMD is a cost-effective online platform that assists you in dealing with such a crisis.  Talk with the doctor’s facility, you can obtain professional medical consultation services helping you make critical decisions in a well-informed manner. 


TelerainMD gives individuals and their family members unlimited access to online consultation with board-certified physicians, psychologists, dietitians, and fitness experts who provide personal answers to all health-related questions. They can effectively execute critical health decisions, avoid unnecessary office visits, and save time and money.

In this case, you can re-schedule your appointment with us using our online telehealth portal via smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

You can quickly seek consultation from an online prescription doctor at TelerainMD. Whether it is a new prescription or a renewed one, you can get it done online from board-certified doctors.

Why choose TelerainMD?

1. We are one of the most trusted doctors’ consultation service provider in the digital platform
We offer seamless services in the field of online consultation services. Top-notch experts from the medical fraternity are associated with us. Our support staff is also professionally trained to offer end-to-end support to patients and their families.

2. A strong IT infrastructure protects us
We have made our systems, servers, networks, and all other backend processes failsafe and fool proof. Our Privacy Policy and detailed Terms & Conditions, uploaded on our site will help you understand how we handle your data. We understand that confidentiality and privacy of information are crucial because of the delicate nature of our services. Our regular customers are well-aware that our entire IT ecosystem is thoroughly protected with the latest and state-of-the-art technology.

3. We are cost-effective
You can save a lot when you choose to consult with a doctor via the online medium. One of the savings is your time – travel time, waiting time at the clinic, and so on. The other saving is that of money. Online medical consultation services are cheaper than physical visits to a doctor’s clinic. TelerainMD being a leader and a pioneer in this field, offers exclusive and attractive consultation plans and packages that are a big relief for your pocket. 

TelerainMD offers the fastest and cheapest medical consultation services to stay fit, healthy, and stress-free as you go about your daily life.

Commonly Treated Conditions


Stomach flu

Ear, Nose, and Throat Infection

Pink Eye Treatment

Urinary Tract Infection


Skin Infections

Sinus infection

Dental Issues