COVID-19 Updates Worldwide


As you all know, coronavirus is rapidly moving from one to another person in very few times
and has now impacted globally in 2-3 weeks only. In this situation, TelerainMD is eagerly
waiting to help you either by making an appointment with online doctor in the USA or by
providing medicine at your home safely. Coronavirus, and identified virus that appeared in
Wuhan, China in Dec 2019 and now coronavirus is spreading very rapidly everywhere. This
virus is affecting the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 and COVID-19 disease
caused by this virus. The doctors connect it with the common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia
and severe acute respiratory syndrome that may affect the gut. This virus is coming from
some animal to the human body before few months. So many people infected either
worked or shopped in the wholesale market of Huanan seafood, Wuhan.
According to a current statement which shows that without any measure containment, the
person who is having this disease COVID-19 will pass it to another person via droplets from
sneezes and coughs. The virus’s ability to transmit and also because major illness has
transmitted in many countries along with the UK. Most of the government announces
curfews in their country to reduce the effect of COVID-19. In such cases, people should stay
at their home along with their family members only. The government is appealing to their
nation to be calm and stay at their home only and if someone is facing any symptoms
related to COVID-19, then visit their nearest isolation camp or make an appointment with
the online doctor for better precaution.

Traits of Corona

As we have updated about the symptoms of corona in our previous blog, this virus is
spreading from person to person, its major symptoms are cold and flu-like infection also
breath shortness, fatigue, runny nose, fever in some rare cases, sore throat, etc that usually
set from two to four days after the impact of coronavirus.
So, If you are feeling any of these sorts of problems then consult an online doctor or any of
health care provider at your home.

Effectiveness of COVID-19

As per the research update, this virus is spreading through some following ways by a person
to person.
• Coughing and sneezing without covering your mouth spread the infected droplets in
the air, in public places.
• Touching another person in terms of hugging any individuals and shaking hands with
another can also spread the virus if that person has already been infected by the virus.
• Several animal coronaviruses such as feline coronavirus may also spread by having
contact with faces. And this yet not clarifies that it employed at coronavirus in humans or
• You can also get infected by public transport.

• Touching your eyes, nose, mouth, or any other parts after having any contact with
some object or outside surface that already has infected with the coronavirus.
According to WHO, more than 210,000 cases have now been reported to WHO, and more
than 9,000 people have lost their lives. This stat shows how the corona is reaching new
milestones every day.

How can you cure of COVID-19

As there is currently no vaccine enabled against the coronavirus so you can go for the
following tips to prevent the virus-
• People have to avoid any close contact with any person.
• Everyone should stay at home and avoid going any outer place from the house
during virus symptoms are active.
• In terms of maintaining hygiene, it is important to throw tissues after using them.
• Use a mask whenever you go outside whether shopping or school, office, or anywhere.
It will also reduce the chances of infecting viruses.
• Cover your mouth, nose with a tissue or handkerchief during sneezing or coughing,
can also help in the prevention from the transmitting of coronavirus.
• Always use soap to wash your hands frequently with water and after that use
sanitizer or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
• Avoid any contact with animals or pets or any such surfaces they have touched.
• Wash the often-touched surface.
• Try to not use any outside food or packed raw food from the market.

Sadly, the numbers of COVID-19 patients are increasing day by day and the efforts to control
its spread have proven unsuccessful. Now it is important to get information about what is
happening everywhere and got a way how to protect yourself.
TelerainMD is here to assist at every stage, either to make an appointment with an online
doctor or to deliver your medicine at your home. If you feel any traits related to COVID-19,
make an appointment with an online doctor.

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