Telehealth Services at Your Fingertips

Telehealth Services at Your Fingertips

The time of healthcare services has changed with the revolutionary idea and implementation of telehealth services. The support of the latest digital technologies has led to the foundation of exceptional telehealth and telemedicine services. Patients can now meet doctors and other medical professionals to seek consultations and assistance without any hassle. 

The availability of healthcare services online has made disease and lifestyle management more accessible for all. You can bring any query or distress under medical supervision by simply logging into an online telehealth portal. To understand the potential of this portal, let us discuss what telehealth means.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the modern process of exchanging and transferring medical information between a patient and a medical professional via digital platforms. This modern process is an elaborate process where digital information is passed through images, prescriptions, and other medical documents via audiovisual mediums through conferencing portals.

You can use online portals for telemedicine to connect with doctors whenever and wherever you/ need conveniently. It is a remote consultation process where both the parties do not meet physically rather converse through a digital medium via audiovisual technologies. It is also a wireless application that patients and medical professionals can access as per requirement.

It dates back to the 1960s, when doctors and nurses interacted with the patients or their kin via phone calls. Doctors and nurses conversed with the astronauts roaming in space via audiovisual mediums to check on their health to make it more interesting. 

This step has been revolutionized with the advent of multiple online portals connected via the internet. A typical database is established where patient information is stored. It can be accessed by authorized medical personnel and the entitled patients. This step has made telehealth services accessible to all, irrespective of location. A patient can access his account and talk to the respective doctors while located in a different country.

How healthcare has been benefitted

The advent of telemedicine and telehealth service has transformed healthcare services in the following ways.

  1. Highest convenience

Senior patients or individuals with ambulatory problems can seek medical consultation online without stressing their minds and bodies. There is no need to leave your comfort zone and wait in a line to see a doctor when you can quickly consult them online.

  1. 24/7 availability

Medical consultation is available 24/7 in the online portals. Due to technological advancement, a doctor can connect with a patient anywhere, anytime, resulting in absolute convenience regarding handling multiple patients throughout the day.

  1. Seamless communication

A telehealth portal is capable of delivering seamless communication regarding conversation and exchange of information. For instance, TelerainMD generates digital prescriptions for patients and can create patient information files for better communication.

  1. Affordability

Telehealth services have made medical consultations more accessible and affordable for patients. 

Receive the best care

Accessing telehealth services ensures reception of the best-personalized healthcare consultation and other services on time. 

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